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Contact Passonite About Diversity, LLC to discuss your specific needs and to receive a proposal and quote.

In order to convey new information to employees or provide refreshers on previously implemented concepts, workshops or training sessions are necessary.

Passionate About Diversity, LLC offers customized workshops to address your business needs.  Sessions take the following formats

  • Lunch and Learn

    • Time Frame - Runs 45 minutes to 1 hour

    • Purpose – Great as an introduction to a new topic or high-level refresher

  • The Short Session

    • Time Frame – Runs 2-3 hours

    • Purpose – Great for refresher courses on established previously implemented concepts

  • The Half Day

    • Time Frame – Runs 4 – 5 hours

    • Purpose – Great for disseminating new information to a small group of employees. Typically used to introduce supervisors and management personnel to concepts they are expected to utilize in the workplace.

  • The Long Session

    • Time Frame – Runs 1 or more full (8 hour work days)

    • Purpose – Great for brainstorming and developing new strategies that will be incorporated with the overall business strategy. Typically used for executive and senior managers responsible for business operations.




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