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​​Short-Term Executive Assignments


  • Develop and implement a Diversity Strategy

  • Cultural Audit/Assessment

  • Establish a diversity council

  • Establish a diversity initiative

  • Expand upon existing recruiting and retention efforts including succession planning

  • Establish a mentoring & sponsorship program

  • Establish a community outreach program

  • Establish diversity metrics

  • One-to-one counseling for developmental purposes

  • Incorporating a diversity strategy into the organization's existing strategy for business continuance and success



Education Workshops


Diversity Education Workshops are a great tool to use to improve the work environment.  When the work place is suffering from low morale and/or low productivity, customized workshops provide a mechanism for addressing the issues and improving relationships between co-workers in the same or different areas of the workplace.



Ombudsman (Advocacy Services)


Ombudman or Advocay Services serve as an additional resource designed to bubble to the surface issues that may never enter the traditional resolution channels due to fear or uncertaintly and lack of trust.  This service  enhances and encourage the use of traditional channels such as human resources or people services which are in place to handle employee or student issues.  Management reporting and recommendations help the executive and senior levels keep a finger on the pulse of the organization.



Human Resource Outsourcing


  • Develop and deliver company policies and procedures

  • Develop HR metrics

  • Project Management

  • Learning and Development

  • Records Management

  • Other tasks

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